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Use your power

Want to use your solar power effectively?

We’ve just launched the Use Your Power project, which includes two tools to help you use your solar panels more effectively.

Solar Health Check

The first tool is the Solar Health Check activity, which has been designed to allow you to check how healthy your solar power system is. By using this tool you’ll be able to see how much power your system is generating and then compare it to systems of the same size and installation type. The tool also recommends some courses of action that you can take if you discover that your system isn’t working efficiently.

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“I took your advice in the email bulletin and did a solar health check on my 8-year-old system.  It’s running at 103%.  The health check was easy to work through and it’s great to know the system is running at its full potential. I really appreciate this service, thank you!”
– Bryan Rowsthorne, Sydney

Your Energy Profile

The second tool is the Your Energy Profile activity, which gets you to visually chart how you currently use energy in your home. Completing this activity will help identify if you’re maximising usage of your solar power. If it appears that you are not then it will recommend some simple behaviour changes that you can make to increase the amount of power you use for free from your roof. The end result could be a lower electricity bill and/or the ability to better utilise the resources you own – what’s not to like about that!

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Solar Health Check

Want to know if your solar panels are working properly? The Solar Health Check is a simple activity to find out if your solar panel system is performing as well as it should. It requires you to collect some vital bits of information about your system, and then do some basic calculations to see how it’s performing before comparing it to similar systems.Ready to get started?
  1. Download the Solar Health Check PDF here.
  2. Print out the PDF
  3. Follow the instructions within the PDF to complete your check.
  4. Send us your feedback on this project using the form at the bottom of this page.

Your Energy Profile

Want to maximise your solar panel performance?

The Your Energy Profile is an activity to see how you use your solar power energy in your home and what you can do to maximise the benefits of having solar.Ready to get started?
  1. Download the Your Energy Profile Worksheet PDF here.
  2. Print out the PDF (it’s in landscape format)
  3. Follow the instructions within the PDF to complete the worksheet