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Get a better deal on energy

When looking for a good deal on your electricity or gas it will be helpful to check out these websites, to make sure you are getting the best deal.

These are government websites. They compare all prices and do not take a commission.

Some other sites do not compare all the energy plans and take a commission. This commission could make your bill more expensive.

It is worth visiting the websites at least every two years, as deals can change and the deal you signed up to may have changed in that time. Regularly checking means always knowing you are getting the best price.

Signing up to the wrong energy plan could end up costing a lot of money (in many cases hundreds of dollars per year).

Here are some things to ask before you sign.


Is this the best deal you can offer me?

If you only ask one question this is it. Make sure this is their best deal.


Am I locked into this contract?

You may not want to be in a long-term contract.


Is this a general discount or pay on time?

General discounts mean you will pay the same price no matter when you pay your bill. Pay on time discounts only apply if you pay your bill on time. If you don’t pay on time the price is very high. So think about when you pay your bills before deciding what discount to take.


Am I eligible for a concession?

The government has a range of concessions that you might be eligible for make sure they are being applied on your bills.


Is anyone in my household eligible for a concession?

You might not be eligible for a concession but someone in your house might be. Maybe an elderly parent.


Are these rates fixed for the life of the contract?

This is important as you do not want to sign up to a contract and then have the prices increase. There may be some price hikes that are unavoidable but its best to know.


Can I pay monthly?

Often paying monthly makes it easier to pay bills as there are no surprises just smaller bills every month. 


Do you offer payment plans?

Some people like to pay a certain amount each month, rather than paying the bill when it is due. It can help you to budget your money.


What is the discount?

Remember the discount is important but also the original price. A high price with a high discount might still mean a high price. See the links below to find out what a good price is.


Is the discount off my usage or off usage and supply (the total bill)?

Your bill has two pieces. Usage: which is how much energy you use and, Supply: which is a fixed cost per day, to provide energy to your home. 


What are the conditions of this deal?

Sometimes there are extra charges for paper bills. Sometimes you are only eligible for the deal if you have a direct debit. This may not suit you.


Do I get a better deal if I sign up for gas and electricity?

Some companies will give an extra discount if you sign up for gas and electricity.


Are there any exit fees if I find a better deal somewhere else?

Sometimes your retailer will charge you if you want to change. This may only be $20, so if you find a much better deal it might be worth paying that.


Is this the best deal I can get?

You should have already asked this but ask again to be sure. Remember this contract may be one of the higher expenses for your household so negotiating now makes a lot of sense (and dollars).

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