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Energy for Everyday People

Welcome to Energy for Everyday People.

This page provides simple to use and easy to understand information on energy. The information has been gathered from different sources based on simplicity of language and easy to understand information. There is also more complete and thorough information for people who require it.

The information falls into a few basic categories.

Energy retailer and ombudsman contact details

This provides contact details for energy retailers and ombudsman in each state. This includes the contact details for the translation service for each retailer.

Getting a better deal

A simple range of information all about how to get a better price for energy including step by step guides to using the government backed energy comparison websites.

Energy Efficiency

Simple affordable tips and advice on how to reduce energy use.

Know your rights

Information on what you are entitled to and what your retailers are bound to do and not do.

Understanding your bill

Bills can be very confusing, but they don’t need to be. This page provides information on how to read and understand bills.

Useful links

This page has a number of links that lead to websites that provide useful information on energy in different formats.

As much information as possible has been translated into other languages.

Most of the information contained here applies to all states but some is specific to a certain state. This specific information may still be helpful even if it is specifically for your state.

We are constantly looking to update information on this page so if you have something that is simple to understand and aimed at everyday people let us know and we might be able to put it up.