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It’s good environmentally and makes every bit of economic sense – Rachel’s solar story

Two years ago, Wheeler Heights resident, Rachel, installed a 5kW solar power system with help from Northern Beaches Council and their partnership with the Australian Energy Foundation.

Rachel had been thinking about solar for many years, but as a result of living in an apartment previously, she knew the roof space wouldn’t be sufficient for what the family wanted out of a system. When they finally bought their first home, solar was top of their list.   

After attending a solar workshop run by Council, Rachel discovered costs for panels had reduced significantly, and a local real estate agent speaking at the event informed her of the predicted sustainable increase on property values. With the knowledge that energy costs were on the rise and having learnt how solar could reduce the family’s electricity bills by 30-60%, Rachel decided to seek some quotes.

At the workshop, Council had recommended getting in touch with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) and so Rachel called and spoke to an energy advisor to assist with finding the right provider.

“Speaking to AEF’s energy advisor on the phone made things so much easier as there were so many providers out there to sift through and it was nice to know that the suppliers recommended by Council and AEF were trusted. It gave me all the confidence I needed as I’m not super tech savvy and I had faith in the information and knowing that the people on the phone were experts.”

Rachel was given two quotes from different suppliers and she ended up choosing the option with 25-year warranty and a system that would be best suited to their home and energy needs.

“We have a normal-size residential house and so we were looking for ways to maximise the amount of space on the roof as much as possible. In the end we went with a 5kW system so when we buy a battery in the future the system would give us enough power for night-time energy use.”

Wheeler Heights Rachel success story
Wheeler Heights resident Rachel and her family are the proud owner of solar panels.

Installation was easy and something Rachel still celebrates!

“Getting the system installed was super quick and the installers were great, they were able to do the install in the following week; we were very impressed. My kids had to ban me from talking about the panels because I was so excited I wouldn’t stop talking about it. I even have an anniversary of the solar installation on our kitchen calendar!“

Rachel and family have been delighted with the savings – she said that their latest quarterly bill was just $90 (down from $250-300) and that they are currently exporting up to 81% of their energy back to the grid on a sunny day.

“When we get a battery we’ll be able to reduce this even further, but it’s not just the savings, so far we have saved almost 6000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere and have had the equivalent of 177 trees planted – so it feels like we are doing something very positive for the environment as well.”

“I would absolutely recommend installing solar if you have available roof space. It’s good environmentally and makes every bit of economic sense.”

Create your own success story and find out what your potential savings could be from solar by speaking to an Energy Advisor from Australian Energy Foundation on 1300 23 68 55 or emailing us.

Alternatively, read more about solar power, download a guide on solar panels or request a quote from a vetted and trusted supplier, all on our website.


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