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Whatever strain we can take off the energy grid helps all Australians – Karen’s solar story

Karen and her family from Willoughby City Council in Sydney were thinking about getting solar installed for 10 years before they finally did.

In September 2019 with the support of council’s solar and energy advice service provided through the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF), they had a 7.5 kw system installed.

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“What was originally holding us back from installing solar was the upfront cost. But I heard prices had started to come down, so I knew it was time to start looking at options.”

“We have a busy household and with teenagers in the house I was conscious about using a lot of energy. I was proactively trying to make changes – like running the dishwasher at low peak times, turning off light switches and not having the TV on standby power, but in the end, I felt we could do a lot more. We are an environmental aware family, and we knew a change to solar could go a long way”.

Willoughby resident Karen and her family.

Karen wanted to reduce her footprint but also save the family energy costs, but with a busy life as a working mum, finding the time to sift through all the options and what would suit their home was a challenge, so Karen reached out to a friend. Her friend recommended going through Willoughby Council’s website that connected you to independent advice through their partnership with AEF.

She called and spoke to an energy advisor from AEF who gave her an overview of how solar power worked and the technical aspects in easy-to-understand terms.

“I had a few companies come to quote but the supplier recommended through Council was who we ended up progressing with. They came and quoted in-person, when they said they would and when I got home from work it was done, they even spent extra time explaining the system and the monitoring application”.

Solar panels on Karen's Willoughby home.

After living with solar now for over a year, Karen and the family have noticed a significant reduction on their quarterly energy bills and are enjoying seeing the impact they have created – the equivalent of 129.62 trees and 4342.65 kg of Co2 removed from the atmosphere!

Karen would recommend using Willoughby City Councils’ solar program for anyone in the community looking at installing solar and wanting independent advice. “As a starting point it really gave us confidence that we were dealing with trusted suppliers, and that they would give us a quality of service that we can rely on even if we needed help with the system down the track.”

To learn more about solar power, download a guide on solar panels or request a quote from a vetted and trusted supplier to find out how much your household could save, contact the Australian Energy Foundation on 1300 23 68 55.


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