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Wendy and David’s Solar Story

In January 2018, Oatley residents, Wendy and David, installed a 4.93kW solar power system through one of the Australian Energy Foundation’s recommended solar suppliers.

Why they decided to install solar

“I’ve wanted to have solar panels installed for a very long time because I think it makes sense to use the sun’s energy to make electricity. My husband David and I also wanted to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint” Wendy says.

“We had been considering going solar for over ten years, but unfortunately, it was not suitable for our house at the time. We recently moved into our new place and started thinking about getting solar panels installed almost immediately.”

The process

“We saw that Georges River Council was running an information session about installing solar panels using their free energy support service, the Australian Energy Foundation.”

“We went to the information session, where we received lots of good information and advice, and left our details so that we could be contacted about getting solar panels installed. We were contacted by the supplier and given a quote. We were very happy with the installation arranged through the Australian Energy Foundation.”


“We’re definitely making savings! Our latest quarterly bill was $37! We’ve been doing everything we can to use the power generated by the solar system throughout day. We run our dishwasher and washing machine in the middle of the day using timers, and even use the oven for baking cakes during the day instead of at night. Overall, we’ve been really pleased with the savings.”

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