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Tony and Amanda’s Solar Story

In October 2017, Tony and Amanda from Padstow installed a 4.95kW solar power system through one of the Australian Energy Foundation’s recommended suppliers.

Why they decided to install solar

Tony and Amanda became interested in solar for their home years ago, however, at the time, it wasn’t a viable option. But after receiving an electricity bill for $1400, they decided to look into it again.

The process

“We kept on getting all these phone calls from different suppliers, but it was hard to tell which one to go with. Then Council sent us a letter letting us know about their partnership with the Australian Energy Foundation.”

“They could provide us with clear advice about solar and connect us with a fully vetted supplier. It sounded like a good idea so we decided to contact them.”

Tony and Amanda spoke to one of the energy advisors at the Australian Energy Foundation and received a quote for their home the same day. They were pleased with the offer and decided to go ahead.


They installed a 4.95kW system which was up and running within a couple of months. After their install, they were happy to see their first electricity bill had dropped by 50%.

They’ve now joined over 2 million homes that are saving money on their electricity bills and reducing their carbon emissions.

To learn more about solar power, explore our introductory guidecontact us or get a quote for your home.