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Preparing for retirement with solar

“Installing solar when you’re planning for retirement is a good idea. You can spend the money while you still have disposal income and then get the savings when you need them most.”

Sue from Seaholme, Melbourne

Sue and her husband live in a two-storey home in Melbourne. They had been thinking of getting solar as part of their retirement plan and had even started getting quotes. 

However the timing wasn’t quite right. 

How they decided to install solar

Sue and her husband received a letter from Hobsons Bay City Council, letting them know about their new partnership with the Australian Energy Foundation and were keen to find out more.

Sue called the Australian Energy Foundation to learn more about solar and was connected to their trusted supplier.

"The supplier called back quickly and then came to do a site inspection because we’re in a two-storey building,”

Luckily the installers were able to put the solar on using only ladders, so there were no additional costs for a cherry picker.

Why Sue decided to install solar

Sue and her husband were concerned about the environment, as well as managing their living costs when they retire. Sue works for a long term housing organisation that have installed solar power systems on most of the properties that they manage, so she understood the process and had also seen how beneficial solar was at reducing energy bills.

Even though they are still working and do not use much power during week days they have shifted a lot of their power usage to make the most of the free power from the sun and noticed significant savings on their bills.

“It’s a good dual header isn’t it? We’re saving money and helping the environment. It’s a Win:Win!”

To learn more about solar power, explore our introductory guidecontact us or get a quote for your  home.