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Malvern family saves with solar

Gabriel – Malvern resident 

Gabriel and his family had been doing their own research into solar, when they heard about City of Stonnington’s Making Solar Simple Program. 

We wanted to get ahead of rising energy costs, rely less on fossil fuels and do something good for the environment.” 

A call to energy experts, Australian Energy Foundation, about the family’s energy bills and usage over the last year helped them understand how they could benefit from a rooftop solar system and how much they could save. 

The process to install the 9kW system on their Malvern home was very simple, with the panels taking just two days to install. 

Since the system was installed, the family have made a number of changes to make the most of the sun’s energy, like charging devices and using high-energy appliances during the day. And they’re seeing the results – their power bill has reduced by more than a quarter. 

On average the family saves $55 a month on their electricity, a 22% reduction in monthly costs. The family also draw 16% less from the grid.  

A handy app shows the power generation of the panels, breaking energy generation down hourly so that the family can monitor the performance of the panels and track their use. 

Gabriel is keen to encourage everyone to look into solar:  

It’s definitely the future and a no brainer in terms of the environment and trying to secure the future for the next generations”. 

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