Julie’s Solar Story

In March 2019, Doreen resident, Julie, installed a 4.4kW solar power system through one of the Australian Energy Foundation’s recommended solar suppliers. 

Why Julie decided to install solar

After having both of her children install solar and recommend it to her, Julie wanted to get solar installed as soon as her new home was built. Julie was looking for long term cost savings on her energy bills, as well as an opportunity to improve the resale value of her new property.

The process

Julie heard about the independent support the City of Whittlesea was providing through the Australian Energy Foundation and decided to look into it. “The whole process was very quick and easy. My family was even surprised with how quickly it all happened. The supplier that the Australian Energy Foundation recommended called me within 24 hours of requesting a quote and did a site visit within a week. He was a lovely gentleman and really gave me the confidence that they knew what they were doing. I got a few other quotes too, but had to chase the other companies to get back to me.”


“I’ve been really pleased with the savings. My bills are down from $13-$15 per week to $2-$4 per week. The savings by far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend anyone thinking about solar to go through the Council and Australian Energy Foundation program. It’s less work, quick and easy turn around and you avoid aggressive sales tactics.”


To learn more about solar power, explore our introductory guidecontact us or get a quote for your home.