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How Leon and Julia reduced their electricity bills with solar

At the start of winter in 2018, Leon and Julia from Sydney installed a solar power system through one of Australian Energy Foundation’s recommended suppliers.

We spoke to Leon to see what their experience was like.

Why did you start considering solar?

We started thinking about solar in May 2018, after our daughter brought up the idea. A lot of houses in the area have solar, but we had never thought about it for our home. I always thought it was expensive and didn’t know if it would be worth it in our case since we’re not at home during the day.

We started looking at some online solar calculators and most said that the panels would pay for themselves in savings within 6 years. I thought that was quite short, so decided to get quotes.

What did you do next?

I got a quote through the Australian Energy Foundation’s recommended supplier and from two other suppliers. It was a bit tricky to compare between the three as all three quotes offered systems for similar prices. But I chose to go ahead with the supplier that had the best service. Whenever I had any questions, they got back to me very quickly. That was quite reassuring, so decided to go with them.

What was the installation process like?

We got our 6.05 kW system installed about 3 weeks after confirming our quote.

The installation process was very smooth. We live in a two storey house, but the two installers worked hard and got it done within one day. They also upgraded the switchboard for us.

Have you had your electricity bill yet? Are you noticing any savings?

We’ve had two electricity bills since we got the system installed. The first bill was at the end of winter.

It came in at $269 and last year our winter bill was $583 for the quarter, so I was really pleased.

The summer bill after that was even better – $46!

Have you changed any of your habits since getting solar?

We are not at home much during the week, so we try make a conscious effort to take advantage of the electricity generated by the panels. For instance, we run our washing machine, dishwasher and pool pump during the day, using timers. On weekends, we also make sure to only do the ironing during the day.

Would you recommend others to get solar?

Yes definitely. At first we were unsure whether the cost was worth it but the savings have been great. I look forward to my electricity bill now to see how low it’ll be.

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