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Residential Energy Monitoring Project (REMP)

This series of projects tested the effectiveness of various energy efficiency retrofit measures in Victorian homes. The project went through several iterations; the success of the first project, (focused on heating/cooling, hot water and household appliances) led to further iterations focusing on building upgrades including lighting, draught sealing and different types of insulation, either singly or as a group.

Technical monitoring in the homes included internal temperatures, electrical circuits, gas and hot water and energy consumption of end-use appliances. AEF’s responsibilities were to identify and recruit appropriate households, engage the required trades for installation of monitoring equipment, and liaise between the two to ensure proper and easy installation and operation. AEF worked alongside Energy Efficient Strategies, who had overall responsibility for metering equipment and data collection.

The data collected was used by Sustainability Victoria to develop a report on optimal retrofit cost-effectiveness for Victorian homes.