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Power Saving Bonus


The Victorian Government’s $48 million Power Saving Bonus program allows energy consumers to get the best deal on their energy bills through the Victorian Energy Compare site. However, many communities are still locked out of access to the program due to language barriers or digital illiteracy.


We have delivered face to face sessions for hundreds of vulnerable, digitally excluded Victorians to help them understand their bills, compare retail offers and make calls to their energy providers to make sure they are getting the best deal. We deliver these at regular council events for example Seniors Festivals or as a separate event for local councils or community groups.


This work has been significantly valuable to those vulnerable people who are often suffering health problems, financial hardship and other difficulties in circumstance. Unaware they can negotiate a better rate, many are on the standard offer and not receiving pensioner discounts that they qualify for. We regularly help people save around 30% on their bills on top of their relevant concessions.
“ We’re delivering for all Victorians – reducing power bills and the cost of living by helping households get a better deal.“ Premier Daniel Andrews