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Moreland Power

Moreland Power is one of AEF’s newest initiatives to accelerate the transition to clean energy in the City of Moreland. This pilot program will investigate the feasibility of using community-owned renewable energy to deliver benefits to both local community investors and households struggling to pay their energy bills.

How it works

AEF will work with Moreland City Council and our partners, to install 250 kilowatts of community-owned solar on Council-owned buildings. Renewable energy generated by these projects will be sold at a low cost to households facing energy hardship in Moreland.

Clean energy for everyone

The Moreland community will be able to invest in community solar and earn a return on a local, ethical investment. Over a third of Moreland residents are renting and these households (along with people living in apartments and those limited by unsuitable rooftops) typically face challenges in installing solar at home. With community solar, everyone can be a part of the renewable energy transition – even those who can’t install solar at home.

Relieving energy poverty

The renewable energy generated by these projects will provide households with relief from energy hardship through access to clean, low cost energy. At AEF, we have worked extensively with communities across Australia and we know first-hand that for vulnerable communities such as the very young, older people, people with chronic illnesses, the ability to use and pay for energy can be a matter of life or death. Rising electricity and gas prices have led to an increase in energy poverty, particularly for households on a low income. On average, low-income households spend 8% of their income on energy bills, compared with just 2% for high-income households.

The future

Moreland Power aims to develop a model that can be scaled up to benefit many more households with low cost renewable energy and an opportunity for ethical investment.


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