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Darebin Climate Plan Review

In 2015, AEF reviewed the City of Darebin’s progress towards its goals of achieving zero net emissions in both its corporate operations and the broader community by 2020.

The City of Darebin, in inner north Melbourne, has been a national leader in developing local initiatives to respond to climate change. Council has delivered a number of successful corporate and community programs over the years, notably their innovative Solar $aver program, Light$mart business energy retrofit program, co-generation plant at Northcote Aquatic Recreation Centre and a streetlighting efficiency upgrade.

The review analysed council’s corporate and community emissions and scale of effort required to 2020, and reflected on achievements to date, the changing operating environment and contemporary science. It then identified opportunities for council to further reduce its emissions and influence community emissions, through renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon offsetting. Finally, the review presented strategic options for target setting, carbon neutral certification, and community consultation. AEF led the project, working with Climateworks to develop marginal abatement cost (MAC) curves and Little Sketches to develop visually engaging graphics.

In a context of growing international climate ambition, a resurgence in domestic public support, and improved energy technologies and cost reductions, AEF is delighted to work with leading local governments such as the City of Darebin to inform their strategies for achieving carbon neutrality.