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Carlton Housing Redevelopment – Post Occupancy Study

AEF was engaged by Citta and Australand to deliver a suite of Post Occupancy Studies for a major public and private housing redevelopment in Carlton with key partners the Department of Human Services. The projects were undertaken to understand how successful the developments have been, 12 months into operation, in meeting a range of objectives relating to occupant comfort, building efficiency, resource consumption and environmental sustainability more broadly.


The studies enabled recommendations to be made to improve operational comfort and sustainability through ongoing behaviour support and building performance modifications. The studies also made recommendations about refining design and technology measures for application to future property developments to improve cost efficiencies and performance outcomes.

Study methods

The study utilised a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to perform analysis directed to understanding whole-of-building performance as well as developing case studies to document the experience and performance of a number individual apartments. AEF undertook engagement with residents of the buildings to understand if the environmental measures incorporated into the development are effective and of value to residents. This involves working with the community to determine their perceptions of the measures through surveys, interviews and developing case studies.