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All-Electric Household Monitoring and Evaluation

This project tested the potential of the all-electric home to improve environmental performance, operating costs and occupant comfort compared to a ‘normal’ gas/electric suburban home. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) constructed 3 pilot all-electric dwellings with 7 star NatHERS ratings. AEF was engaged by DHHS to lead the monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

AEF conducted technical testing to verify the 7-star rating of the dwellings and gave advice on the key design features used to attain the rating. We monitored energy usage, temperature and humidity in the dwellings and applied financial modelling to provide a comparison with a gas/electric home. We also worked directly with tenants to gauge their level of satisfaction with comfort levels and all-electric appliances in the home. AEF’s final report showed a positive outcome for the all-electric pilot dwellings and made recommendations for improvements in future developments of this kind.