Daniel Chadwick – AEF | Australian Energy Foundation

Daniel Chadwick

General Manager – Services

As the General Manager – Major Projects and part of the AEF Executive Leadership Team, Daniel is responsible for leading the delivery of AEF’s large scale energy efficiency and energy vulnerability programs, which aim to deliver towards an equitable zero carbon society. Daniel is an experienced project director having delivered major infrastructure, commercial and renewable energy projects throughout Australia.

Daniel joined AEF in August 2018 as a Project Coordinator working within the Major Projects team delivering large scale home retrofit projects, and has since advanced in the organisation.

During his time at AEF, Daniel has managed and worked on various projects, including Healthy Homes, EnergySmart, Energy Assistance Program and Cooling Communities.

Professional experience and qualifications

Daniel is a skilled project manager with over 7 years’ experience working across major infrastructure, renewable energy projects and large scale retrofit projects. Daniel is a multidisciplinary worker with experience across all levels of government, private development, community organisations and communities.

Daniel holds a Dp in Building and Construction (NMIT) and BSc in Property and Real Estate Economics (Deakin University).