Greg Day

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Engineering (Elec), UNSW

Greg is responsible and accountable for the strategic direction, leadership, management and performance of the AEF. Critical to achieving the strategy is establishing and maintaining strong relationships across all sectors, collaborating with partners and developing new business models and solutions to community and customer needs. He is focused upon working with partners to grow the positive impact of the AEF to progress Australia towards an equitable zero carbon society.

Greg is also focused upon leveraging the AEF’s experience and expertise to provide valuable thought leadership and to ensure outstanding delivery of projects, programs and outcomes to customer and community benefit and expectations.


Professional experience

Greg is an accomplished executive leader with 30 years’ experience in defining, leading and managing complex change across the public and private sectors. He completed engineering at the Australian Defence Force Academy and served as an Air Force Officer focused on systems engineering – the alignment of people, processes and systems with objectives – on large complex projects.

Greg brings inclusive leadership, deep insight into the energy sector, strong ability to rapidly understand, assimilate knowledge, manage complex problems and navigate complex stakeholder relations. He has co-founded two successful businesses which apply systems thinking to lead large complex organisations through transformational change. He has over 10 years of experience in the energy sector, as well as working across infrastructure, banking and finance, telecommunications, defence, aviation and emergency services.