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Rising energy prices – what does it mean for you?

Time to switch away from using gas in your home?

Gas prices have been on the rise due to various factors such as international oil and gas prices, overseas exports reducing domestic supply, depletion of Victorian wells and local market factors.

Watch this video to understand the latest scenario in the energy market and what it means for households.

With residential retail gas tariffs expected to increase, there is no better time than now to consider other energy alternatives and to reduce your consumption.

How to save on your energy bills and stay warm this winter:

  • Find the “heat” button on your existing split-system aircon to utilise the heating function.
  • Turn on gas-ducted heating only in rooms that are used if possible.
  • Use personal heating e.g. heated throw rugs, floor mats, blankets.
  • Longer-term solutions that will reduce your gas usage or replace it altogether:
    • Get your gas heating ducts inspected and repaired.
    • Install insulation and draught-sealing.
    • Install good internal window coverings e.g. curtains and pelmets or well-fitting honeycomb blinds.
    • Replace your old gas-ducted heating with split system air-conditioning
    • Replace your old gas hot water system with heat pump hot water.
    • Replace your old gas cooktop with induction.

While electricity prices have risen due to higher international prices for coal and gas and other market forces, efficient electric appliances are still cheaper to run and more sustainable than gas. Follow the steps above to reduce your overall energy consumption and bills.

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