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How to make ‘The Big Switch’ to an all-electric home

Australian visionary Saul Griffith has a plan to fight for climate change while creating millions of new jobs and a healthier environment. In his new book, ‘The Big Switch’ Griffith proposes solutions that are a win for Australians: lower energy prices, cheaper car running costs, and less pollution.

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The Australian Energy Foundation has helped people get hooked up to renewables and efficient electric appliances for over 20 years. Here are three things you can do now:

  1. Ready to act? Get a quote to upgrade your Solar Power and Battery, Heating and Cooling System, Hot Water System and Building Shell (Insulation, Weather Proofing, Windows) .
  2. Want to learn what will work in your home? Contact our free Energy Advice Service if you live in one of our subscribing council areas (includes all of Tasmania), join one of our webinars, or read through one of our ‘how to’ guides on our website:
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After replacing Laura’s gas-ducted heater with a new split system, she reported she could now sleep right through the night without waking up with breathing difficulties.

Carla’s new split system not only saved her $800 on last years’ heating bills; it meant she could afford to heat her whole house, and for the first time in many winters she could sleep in her bedroom, rather than the lounge.

An insulation top-up and a new split system saved Eveline $30 a month on energy bills and made her home healthier. “I’m buying less asthma medication, and now set the heater thermostat 40C less than what it was before”.

Boris said his new split system made life so much easier. With chronic pain, “I no longer have to lie on the floor to light the gas heater’s pilot light”.

Join the close to 50,000 households over the last five years that the Australian Energy Foundation has helped to make ‘The Big Switch’.

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