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Home Energy Assessment App

Home Energy Assessment App

Our Energy Future Home Assessment App

The Our Energy Future app provides a personalised energy service to help local residents reduce their energy bills.

How it works

  1. Answer a targeted set of questions about your building and appliances using the web app
  2. Rate your energy performance compared to similar properties and receive a breakdown of which appliances cost the most energy and money
  3. Receive tailored advice on a broad range of energy actions including plan switching, behaviour changes, building improvements, efficient appliances, solar PV and batteries
  4. Build your personalised energy plan, receive tailored advice and engage local pre-approved suppliers

The app is a new technology that was developed by Ecologic, a local energy software startup, in partnership with Positive Charge and participating councils.

We are currently testing this app and welcome your feedback on how the app could be improved to better meet your needs using this link.

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