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What are the benefits of weather-proofing?

Not only will weather proofing make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but there are several other surprising benefits of weather proofing too.

Stops insects from entering your home

Gaps and cracks allow for all sorts of critters such as bugs, insects and even mice, to creep into your home. Sealing any large gaps around plumbing or doors is an effective way of keeping unwanted guests out.

Reduces traffic noise 

Sealing your windows and doors using weather strips will reduce sounds coming in from outside, helping to keep your home nice and tranquil.

Stops windows rattling

Installing weather seals on window frames will help reduce the chance of windows rattling in the wind or when cars pass by.

Saves you money

Stopping cold air in winter and hot air in summer from seeping in, will make your home more comfortable. This means you won’t need to heat or cool your home as much, saving you money.

It’s the most cost-effective retrofit you can do

When energy experts calculate ‘pay back periods’ on energy efficiency measures – blocking up draughts will often come out in front. This is because households typically spend half of all their energy bills on heating and cooling, and blocking up draughts mostly involves inexpensive materials and measures.

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