What are draughts? – AEF | Australian Energy Foundation

What are draughts?

Draughts are caused by gaps and cracks which allow cold air in winter and hot air in summer to leak in.

Here are some examples of where draughts might be coming in:

Some draughts are easy to detect by using one of the following techniques:

  • seeing daylight under doors or around window frames
  • seeing curtains or blinds move when it’s windy outside
  • holding tissue up around fireplaces or over floor boards to see if the tissue moves
  • hearing windows rattle in the frames during storms
  • feeling air moving against your hand or on wet skin

But other draughts are more difficult to find and require expert help. Using a thermal camera, a weather proofing professional can identify exactly where you have draughts in your home. They can also seal your home on your behalf or provide you with instructions on how to seal the draughts yourself.