Why are solar health checks important? – AEF | Australian Energy Foundation

Why are solar health checks important?

After installing your solar panels, it is important to have regular solar health checks to ensure that your solar panels are in good condition and continue operating as expected. A solar health check helps answer the following questions:

  • Are your solar panels safe?
    Regular solar health checks prevents larger issues and system errors from happening by giving you the opportunity to fix it before it is too late. Failing to fix these issues may affect its product warranty.
  • Are your solar panels performing to its best potential?
    Solar panels often accumulate bird droppings and moss, preventing your system from working optimally. Regular solar health checks will ensure your solar system is performing efficiently and effectively, saving you money in the long-term.
  • Do your solar panels have any products that may be part of any recalls?
    Recalls may occur due to past issues. Regular solar health checks will check if any products need replacing or updating, to maintain safety.
  • Are your solar panels still compliant to current safety standards?
    Over time, safety standards may change due to past issues. Regular solar health checks ensure your solar system is compliant to the most up-to-date safety standards.

What happens during a solar health check?

Our suppliers assess your solar panels for the following:

  • Electrical and system performance check
  • Inspect panels for defects and any earthing issues
  • Inspect and check inverter reading
  • Fault identification
  • Mounting structure assessment
  • System safety check
  • Inspect for perished roof penetrations to prevent roof leaks
  • Check for recalled electrical products

What is included with a solar health check?

Once your solar health check is completed, the following are provided to you:

  • Full-service report
  • Comprehensive quote, if any maintenance or repair works are required. Where a solar system is uneconomical to repair, the price of the solar health check may be discounted from the price of a replacement system.

How much does a solar health check cost?

Pricing is dependent on how many panels your solar system has, which can vary from $250 (for up to 6 panels) to $399 (for 25-36 panels). Additional costs may apply dependent on location or difficult access. This will be noted in the quote from our vetted suppliers.

How do I organise for a solar health check?

AEF can facilitate this service by connecting you to our vetted suppliers – request a solar health check here.