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Is it difficult to maintain solar panels?

One of the benefits of solar panels is that there isn’t much maintenance you need to do. Regardless, here are some good habits to get into to prolong the life of your system.


If your panels are tilted, rain actually cleans the panels for you. But, if there has been a long period without any rain, your panels are flat or there’s excessive dirt build up, it’s worth cleaning them. You can do this by hosing them down from the ground level or by hiring a solar panel cleaning company.


It’s a good idea to get your panels checked every five years by a level 2 electrician. They’ll check to see if everything is working ok. Organise a solar health check here.


Because the whole process is automatic, it’s easy to forget the panels are actually there. This means that unless you monitor the panels proactively, any issues can go undetected. All systems will come with some form of monitoring that is important to set up. You can use this to check how much electricity is being produced at any given moment as well as the total amount produced in a day.

example of fronius monitoring
Source: Fronius

You can also pay extra to set up more advanced monitoring which shows you not only how much electricity the solar panels are producing, but also how much electricity you’re using. Some systems can also provide you with automatic alerts if anything goes wrong. This can be particularly useful, if you want to forget about the system and let the software do the monitoring for you.