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Our Suppliers

Our supplier selection process

At the Australian Energy Foundation, we conduct a thorough vetting process to ensure only high quality, reliable and trusted suppliers are referred to you. Our suppliers are chosen based on the following criteria:


We choose to work with organisations whose values align with our own. Suppliers must align with our vision of an equitable zero carbon society and have the best interests for their customers. We do not work with suppliers that strive for the lowest price at the expense of quality or customer service.​

Track Record and Credit History​

All suppliers must demonstrate capability to deliver products and services at volume and on time, show evidence of quality work in the field and be financially stable.​

Product Quality & Value

Products and services are assessed for cost, quality, functionality, safety and warranty length.​

Measurable Benefit

Products and services must have a direct capacity to reduce energy costs and/or emissions.


Suppliers must have a strong capacity to deliver in the selected area and use local installation teams.​

Our procurement process

Our procurement process is open and transparent to ensure fair access to all suppliers that wish to participate.

1. Find Suppliers

We run open tenders through council-approved procurement platforms such as Tenderlink and/or proactively research and contact potential suppliers.​

2. Select Suppliers

Interested suppliers fill in standardised forms and provide supporting documentation. We then conduct a selection process based on product quality, price, safety, customer service, business capability and reputation. We conduct in-person interviews and site visits. For our solar suppliers, only Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers are used.

3. Contract Suppliers

We negotiate a supplier agreement based on standard, legally-compliant terms.​

4. Monitor Suppliers

We meet regularly with our suppliers to ensure compliance with supplier agreements. We run quarterly spot-checks of quotes and if something goes wrong we have a dedicated customer service team who acts on your behalf and works with the supplier to resolve the issue.​

Thank you for helping us help others

We are a for purpose organisation leading the way to an equitable zero carbon society for all Australians. We work with many vulnerable households facing energy poverty and help them access renewable energy and energy efficiency products to ensure they are not left behind in the energy transition. When you choose a supplier through the Australian Energy Foundation, we will receive a fee from our suppliers. This enables us to continue providing energy advice to you and supporting all Australians to an equitable zero carbon society. Thank you.