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Community-funded solar for Moreland businesses

A unique opportunity to install solar on your business at no upfront cost 

Moreland City Council, Moreland Community Solar and the Australian Energy Foundation have partnered to give one local business the chance to install solar at no upfront cost via community funding. This is a unique opportunity to: 

  • access the benefits of solar at no upfront cost
  • generate unparalleled publicity for your business 
  • participate in the first project of its kind in the Moreland community.

Businesses all over Australia are already benefitting from community-funded solar

Why community-funded solar?

Solar has become more popular than ever with the uptake of solar power by businesses increasing by more than 500% over the last 5 years. Community-funded solar allows your business to access the benefits of solar at no-upfront cost and have local community members personally invested in the success of your business. Community-funded solar allows your business to:

Reduce your electricity and operating costs

Generate unparalleled publicity for your business

Protect your business from energy price volatility

Become a sustainability leader

Connect with your customers

How does it work?

At the Australian Energy Foundation, we have over 20 years of experience helping businesses make informed decisions about their energy costs. Our dedicated business advisors are here to support you through the whole process.

Step 1 - Free solar feasibility assessment

In your initial consultation, we will assess your energy bills and conduct a free solar feasibility assessment to see if community-funded solar is suitable for your business.

Step 2 - Contract is signed

If solar is right for you, we'll provide you with an assessment of how much you can save.

Step 3 - Major publicity event

We'll engage with the community and organise publicity and media for your big event, showcasing your business as a sustainability leader.

Step 4 - System is installed

Once we've generated the funds from the community, we'll install the system on your business. So you can start reducing your electricity costs from day one without any upfront cost.

Step 5 - Enjoy the savings and connect with your customers

You make repayments from a portion of your savings and once it's paid off you own the system outright and enjoy the savings.

We are taking expressions of interest for a limited time only. Register your interest today.

Complete the below form and one of our energy advisors at the Australian Energy Foundation will be in touch in the next 3 business days for an initial 20 minute phone consultation. We’ll provide you with more information and undertake a free solar feasibility assessment for your business.