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What types of LEDs are available?

There is a whole range available for nearly all types of light fittings. You can choose varying levels of brightness and colour temperatures depending on how you’d like to use the light.


LEDS need much less electricity to produce the same of light. So to choose the right brightness, look for lumens, instead of watts.

As a rough guide, 420 lumens is suitable for a table or floor lamp, 800 lumens is suitable for a small room while 1300 lumens is suitable for a large room.


LEDs are available in a range of colour temperatures.

Warm White is a soft, warm light similar to incandescent and halogen bulbs. It produces a calming and relaxing light that is great for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Cool White is a neutral light which is good for any situation where you want to foster alertness, such as kitchen benches, garages and workshops.


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