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Discounted Solar for Rental Properties


The City of Parramatta Council, the NSW Government and the Australian Energy Foundation have come together to help ten local landlords install solar on their rental properties. This is a unique opportunity to:

  • Install solar on your rental property with a discount of up to $1500

  • Receive independent advice and support throughout the whole process

What are the benefits of having solar?

Reduction in tenants' electricity bills

Increased appeal of property to rental market

Reduced turnover of tenants, once they see the benefits of lower electricity bills

Increased value of your property

Own a sustainable home with reduction in carbon emissions

How does it work?

Step 1 - Register your interest

Once you complete your details, an energy advisor from the Australian Energy Foundation will be in touch to discuss whether you're eligible for the offer.

Step 2 - Talk to your tenants

If eligible, you then need to seek consent from your tenants for the installation to go ahead. We will help you with this process.

Step 3 - Your new solar system is installed

Once you and your tenants are ready, we will arrange a quote for a solar system from one of our pre-approved suppliers and help arrange the installation. The final price will include the discount available through this offer as well as the separate rebate provided by the Australian Government.

Who is eligible to access this offer?

You’re eligible, if you:

  • Own a tenanted property within the Parramatta Council boundaries
  • Don’t already have a residential solar power system on the property
  • Own a property that has a roof area and orientation suitable for a solar PV system install and not encumbered by strata title (this can be determined upon consultation) 
  • Are able to finance the remainder of the upfront installation cost and any other associated costs that are not covered by the subsidy 
  • Agree that your personal information, such as contact details, may be shared with the NSW Government and the City of Parramatta
  • Agree to complete a customer survey
  • Agree for your experiences to be shared for promotional purposes in the form of a case study 

Only 10 properties are part of this program. Apply today.

Complete the below form and one of our energy advisors will be in touch in the next 3 business days to discuss whether you’re eligible for the program.

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Contact details

Please supply at least phone number and ensure it's correct as it is the only way our trusted suppliers can contact you.