What insulation should I choose? – AEF | Australian Energy Foundation

What insulation should I choose?

The following materials are typically used for each type of insulation.

Ceiling Insulation: Polyester, Natural Wool, Glass Wool, Expandable or Extruded polystyrene batts

Wall Insulation: Rockwool or cellulose fibre blown in

Underfloor Insulation: Polyster, Expandable or Extruded polystyrene batts

When looking for the right material, consider the following:

Look for materials that are made from recycled materials. Many glass wool and polyester products, for instance, are made from recycled glass or plastic bottles. This helps reduce the amount of virgin material content and means less energy is used to make the material. It also helps reduce waste going to landfill.

All insulation products sold in Australia conform to Australian Standards where they mustn’t be able to sustain combustion. However, there are some materials that perform particularly well in terms of fire safety. For instance, rock wool, polyester and glass wool do not combust and will produce very little smoke or fumes when subjected to flames.

If you’re looking for sound-proofing benefits, the best performing materials are glass wool, rock wool and extruded or expandable polystyrene.