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Which should I choose: solar hot water or a heat pump?

Both heat pumps and solar hot water systems have low running costs. But if you’re looking for a hot water system, we recommend installing a heat pump for a number of reasons:

Better use of your roof space

Solar hot water systems use up valuable roof space. Instead of using this space for just hot water, it could be used to install solar panels, which can then provide power to all of your home appliances.

Hot water heat pumps powered by solar panels have even lower running costs

Hot water heat pumps come with built in timers, allowing them to be easily set to run during the day when your solar panels are generating electricity. By using freely generated solar electricity to power your hot water, your running costs can be even lower.

Allows you to go off gas

Many households are moving away from using natural gas as it’s a fossil fuel. Gas has associated greenhouse gas emissions and its cost continues to rise each year. By switching to a hot water heat pump, which is powered by electricity, you can reduce your gas usage and even disconnect from the gas grid. This could save you a further $200 to $300 per year.