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What’s the most energy-efficient way to cool my home?

Other than natural ventilation, there are two main ways you can cool your home.


Fans can range from portable models such as pedestal or tower fans to fixed ceiling fans. No matter the type, fans are the most affordable way of cooling your home, as they only cost $5 to $10 to run per year. Though they don’t reduce the room’s temperature, a fan makes you feel cooler by increasing the evaporation of perspiration.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners can range from split systems to ducted units that cool your whole home. Of the two choices, split system air conditioners are more affordable to run, costing between $20 to $75 per year, while ducted air conditioners cost between $125 to $315 per year (depending on size and efficiency of the unit).

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Running costs sourced from Sustainability Victoria and may differ slightly depending on your state.