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New Home & Renovation Consultations

New Home & Renovation Consultations

Are you planning a new home or major renovation in Australia?

Aiming for summer and winter comfort, low energy bills and low impact on the environment? Building a home involves many choices and trade-offs, and design decisions now will affect your energy consumption and generation far into the future.

AEF can help you select a building design that supports your family’s lifestyle and priorities, considering current technology as well as emerging trends in energy systems, economics, home appliances and transport.

How does a consultation work?

  • A consultation costs $280 and consists of a one-hour advice session via video conferencing (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams), or by phone.
  • After you book a time using the link below, your advisor will contact you to confirm.
  • If you have home plans or sketches, you can email them prior to the consultation.
  • After the one-hour session, your advisor will email key recommendations in bullet-point form.

Book and pay for a consultation online

What does the consultation include?

Off-grid vs on-grid

To what extent should your home depend on networks to supply electricity, gas and/or petrol?

Standard of building construction

Find out what energy rating is best for you, such as 6-star, 8-star or PassivHaus.

Building layout

After reviewing building plans or rough sketches, our advisor will suggest options to modify floor plans and details for improved overall energy performance.

Heating and cooling

The type of heating and cooling best suited to your situation relates to factors such as your building’s layout, location, draft sealing, windows and level of insulation.


Considering driving an electric vehicle (EV) in future? We tell you options to accommodate charging it at home, including generating sufficient energy.

Hot water

Water heating for showers etc. can make up a large part of a home’s energy consumption, especially when home heating and cooling has been minimised. Several different technologies are available.

Solar and batteries

We can advise on suitable system sizes and options for your situation, including off-grid systems. We will assess your planned roof’s suitability to host solar panels, and where a battery might be accommodated to comply with Australian standards.


Some appliances can surprise homeowners with high energy consumption, for example pool pumps or wastewater treatment systems. Get tips on how to avoid such traps.

Water harvesting

Many people collect rainwater from their roof and/or greywater from showers and laundry. We can help you design your home to make this easy.

Book and pay for a consultation online

Terms & Conditions:

Calls may be recorded for quality and training. The information provided during this service is provided in good faith and with all reasonable care. We are not responsible for and disclaim all liability relating to your use of this information. We make no warranty, express or implied concerning the suitability, reliability, availability, currency and accuracy of the Information provided. To the extent permitted by law including the Australian Consumer Law, we are under no obligation to update the Information provided which you acknowledge is based on assumptions, market conditions and information available at the time and subject to change. Read AEF general terms & conditions.