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Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Solar Battery

Have solar panels installed and wondering if it’s time you added batteries?

Our comprehensive solar battery guide will help you make this decision with knowledge, accuracy, and confidence.

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Table of Contents

3. What Warranty Should My Solar Batteries Have? 
4. Where Can I Place My Storage Batteries? 
5. How Much Do Storage Batteries Cost? 
6. What Solar Battery Rebates Are Available? 
7. How to Choose Your Solar Battery 
8. What Size Solar Batteries Do I Need? 
9. I want to go solar, but I can’t afford solar battery storage right now. What should I do?
10. Ready for the next step?


1. How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Since solar panels only produce electricity during the day, they cannot power night-time electricity usage on their own. Thus, many homeowners simply use grid energy at night – though they still pay lower electricity bills overall, since feed-in tariffs credit solar houses with all the extra electricity their panels fed into the grid during the day.

Other homeowners prefer to keep their solar electricity for their own use, so they connect their solar systems to storage batteries. These batteries store solar energy generated throughout the day, so that homeowners can take advantage of free electricity at any time of the day or night:

Solar Battery Energy Flows

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