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Are batteries worth it?

By installing battery storage you can expect to reduce your electricity bills anywhere between 60 to 90%.

With these savings, a typical home will recoup the initial investment in approximately 10 years. This is close to the warrantied life of batteries which is 10 years. Please note, if you’re able to access a battery rebate, this payback period may be shorter.

In addition to the financial savings, there are many other reasons why people are installing batteries.

Energy independence

Installing a battery will mean that you won’t need to buy as much power from your electricity retailer. Batteries also allow you to use the electricity that your solar panels generate in the evenings, helping you make the most of your solar. 

Back up power

Some batteries allow your home to still have power during a black out. Please note this is not a standard feature. If you would like this option, please advise your installer.


Batteries have an important role to play in helping stabilise and support the grid during high pressure periods. They also cut down the need for bigger networks and more generation assets.