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Battery Rebates Expanded

Heard about the extra battery rebates?


On the 2nd of March, Solar Victoria announced some big news – they’re expanding the battery rebate to another 143 postcodes, giving more Victorians than ever the opportunity to install a battery at a discounted price.

If you’ve been thinking about battery storage, now’s the time to explore if it’s right for you. Call us on 1300 23 68 55 or request a free quote today.

What's on offer?

The rebate provides a discount of up to $4,838 for battery storage, making battery storage more affordable than ever.

There are 536 rebates on offer until June 30 2020.

Am I eligible?

You're eligible if you have a combined household income less than $180,000, are an owner-occupier of a property valued at under $3,000,000, live in an eligible postcode, already have a 5kW solar power system and are claiming your first Solar Homes rebate.

How does it work?

After you get your quote, the supplier will upload it onto the Solar Victoria portal. You'll then need to upload proof of income and a rates notice. Once it's confirmed you're eligible, you can proceed with the install.

What postcodes are eligible?

The postcodes marked in blue are all eligible for the rebates.

Ready for a quote?

At the Australian Energy Foundation, we can connect you with one of our fully vetted solar suppliers, so you can install a battery with ease and confidence.

Trusted and Reliable

Our suppliers are secured through our rigorous procurement process. So you can be confident only high quality, reliable and trusted suppliers are referred to you.

Eligible for the rebates

All of our suppliers are Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers and are eligible for the rebates.

We're here to support you

From helping you understand your quote, to guiding you through the rebate process, our team of energy advisors are here to support your through the entire process.

Now’s the time to take advantage of the rebates. Get a quote for battery storage today.