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Energised Employee Program

Energised Employee Program

Enhance your employees’ well-being and empower them to work productively, comfortably and affordably at home through personalised energy efficiency education.

This effort will also contribute to reducing your business’ emissions.

Shifting energy impacts and emissions of a hybrid workforce

Working from home has become a permanent feature of the employment landscape for leading businesses in Australia. Three quarters of Australians now say their ideal work environment is a mix of remote and in-person working¹. As Australian businesses shift to a hybrid workforce model, they need to support their employees to ensure that their working from home experience is as comfortable, affordable and efficient as being in a centralised office.

Reference: [1] PWC report 2021 - "Hopes and Fears" - https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/issues/upskilling/hopes-and-fears.html


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Discomfort or distraction from cold or heat


Added cost due to work-related energy use

Carbon Emissions

Seem to be shifted to employees working from home but employers still need to bear responsibility for work-related emissions
Sometimes I have to shower just to get warm. It’s much more noticeable now that I’m remote. I have to wear thermals, blast the heater, and keep a heat pack at my feet – and I can still feel the cold air seeping under the window frame.
Employee in an old weatherboard house in the suburbs 2
[2] Fairfax article July 24th 2021 - ‘Virtually no protection’: Why Australian homes are so cold"
I wrapped myself in a damp towel with ice cubes. This helped for a little bit, but I was melting and felt really uncomfortable. I can sit in my singlet and shorts working from home, but I have to be careful with Zoom meetings and not have my camera on.
Employee in a terrace in the inner-city 3
[3] Fairfax article Jan 24th 2021 - "'I wrapped myself in a damp towel': Sydneysiders risk health inside hot homes"

Support your workforce to be energy smart

The program will capture employees’ working from home baseline energy health, and recommend actions specific to their personal situation, moving approximations of wellbeing and emissions to actuals by:

  • Building a profile of employees’ unique working from home comfort and energy situation
  • Obtaining actual employee emissions for Scope 3 emissions reporting and reduction,

Engage your employees to meet your sustainability aims

Phase 1

Program Design and Onboarding

  • Planning workshop including integration into existing programs/initiatives
  • Digital content pack including landing pages and survey
  • Set up program results dashboard
Phase 2

Team Education & Engagement

  • Internal online portal launch
  • 1 hour educational presentation to all employees
  • Follow up communications to book personalised consultations
Phase 3

Take Action with Personalised Consultations*

  • Pre-consultation survey
  • Personalised energy advice
    consultations (30 min)
  • Tailored action plan and pledges
  • Follow up check in call on pledge progress (20 min)
  • Post-consultation survey
Phase 4

Evaluate & Celebrate

  • Data analysis of surveys and consultations and other inputs
  • Presentation to internal team on outcomes, learnings and future initiatives
  • Share impacts to business, highlighting an employee success story
Phase 5 (optional)

6-12 Months Follow-up and Reporting

  • Follow-up call and survey to track actions recommended in the Phase 3 consultations
  • Report back to the organization on the impact of the employees adopting the recommendations

The program is delivered by AEF’s specialised Energy Advisors and Educators who are experts in unbiased energy advice to both groups and individuals.

In operation for over 8 years, the Energy Advice Service in 20/21 had


community conversations across Australia

education sessions delivered
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education session attendees
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of renewable installations

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