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Pascoe Vale North Primary School – saving money with LEDs and solar

Pascoe Vale North Primary School has been providing a caring environment for children in their community for over 60 years.

In 2016, the school made a smart investment – switching over 400 lights to LEDs and installing 168 solar panels through the Australian Energy Foundation’s school service.

As well as providing financial savings, this enabled the school to improve the learning environment as well as reducing their environmental footprint.

As part of the package the school installed an energy monitoring system to track in real time how much energy the school is consuming, both from the solar panels and the grid. A monitor is displayed in the foyer so that students, teachers and parents can see the energy savings and easily incorporate it into the curriculum.

The panels were funded through investment of school funds.

The school understood that investing in solar would provide year on year savings, which can then be used for re-investment in the school. The principal, Peter Adams, saw this as the best solution in terms of long term impact.

"The solar will provide savings for the school long after I retire."

Peter Adams, Principal, Pascoe Vale North Primary School


With the solar and LED lighting, the school will save $12,938 per annum, saving over 100,000kg CO2 per annum –  enough to fill over 22 Olympic sized swimming pools each year.

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