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How Thycon improved their bottom line with LED lighting

Based in Melbourne’s north, Thycon Industries is Australia’s leading manufacturer of power quality and conversion solutions for the industrial, resource and commercial sectors.

In 2016, they upgraded over 300 of their lights to LEDs through the Australian Energy Foundation’s business service.

Why Thycon decided to upgrade to LEDs

With their large warehouse spaces and long operating hours, Thycon knew that there was significant opportunity to improve their bottom line with LED lighting.

But Thycon weren’t just interested in reducing their operational costs, they also wanted to reduce their carbon emissions and improve the warehouse working environment .

How Thycon went about it

Thycon approached the Australian Energy Foundation to help them through the process.

AEF provided Thycon with a quote from a reputable LED supplier, which they had vetted through their rigorous procurement process. The quote included estimations on how much they could save on their electricity bills as well as emissions. Thycon were pleased with the quote and decided to go ahead.

AEF also helped Thycon claim a subsidy, which was available to them through their local council, Moreland City Council. Thycon were able to receive $1000 off the cost of the LED lights.


Thycon installed over 300 LED lights, including corn lights, LED tubes and flood lights.

Thycon now saves $15,426 per annum, have reduced their emissions by 84,414 kg CO2 per year and have enjoyed  a return on investment of 138%.

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