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Our Values

Our Values

Our team at the Australian Energy Foundation are guided by our values:


We walk alongside you, making sure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of an equitable zero carbon society. We are connected to a clear purpose, we are part of a diverse community, and we respect this world that sustains life. Our relationships are collaborative as we work together to find solutions. We care about you and we care about our shared future.


We are practical visionaries. We are purpose driven and we act with integrity. That means that while we embrace big ideas, leading edge technology and long-term thinking, we also create real and effective impact that benefits society and the planet. Our passion and capability encourage others to follow in our example.


We are smart, serious and fun. Our optimism is driven by our ability to be hopeful and practical. That also means that we are respected because we are tenacious and get things done. This gives us a vibrant and positive reputation that is nationally recognised and locally known.