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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

In 2018 our Strategic Plan Evaluation Framework committed to developing a diversity baseline with a view to developing a plan in 2019.

After reviewing our baseline in April 2019, a goal and activities for Year 1 of the Diversity and Inclusion action plan was approved by the board in June 2019.

Our organisational diversity and inclusion plan for 2019-2024 will ensure that:

  • the diverse needs of the communities that we serve are met;
  • we provide equal opportunity and employment;
  • we become an employer of choice.

Goals & activities for Year 1 were incorporated into the business plan for FY19/20, and our plan was approved at the inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

After a couple of hard lockdown years, we are on
track for further goals with our current committee focusing on mental health
issues and building partnerships with Indigenous organisations.


front cover of AEF Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019-2020

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