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Customer Charter

Our customer charter outlines our commitment to our customers.

What we do

We’re your trusted advisor that can provide guidance based upon customer interests first. We provide advice and referrals for quotes to our suppliers to make your home, business, community group or school more energy efficient. 

What you can expect from us

We’re committed to being a trusted advisor when it comes to making energy efficiency and solar energy decisions and referring you to ­­fully vetted suppliers, products and services­­.

We’re committed to providing you with the product, service or installer that we would choose for ourselves. To learn more about our procurement for supplier products and services please visit our supplier page.

We’re committed to high levels of customer satisfaction

  • We’re always on hand to help answer your questions to a high standard
  • We provide you with the up to date resources to help guide you in what course of action to take
  • If you have received a quote or purchased one of our products we will check in periodically to assess your level of satisfaction and to gather feedback about our services
  • We’ll keep you informed of what is happening in the sustainability space and our latest offers
  • We’ll maintain expectations and quality checks on our suppliers and assist you to resolve any disputes should they arise.

We’re committed to being responsive to your enquiries

  • You can have a chat to us anytime by phone 9am-5pm Monday to Friday
  • We’re available via our website where you can register to receive a quote from one of our suppliers within 2 business days
  • We will respond to your email enquiries within 2 business days

We’re committed to making the solar path easier to navigate

We provide customers with a fully vetted solar supplier via our rigorous procurement process and proactive management of the supplier.

We aim to make going solar easier and safer for our customers by ensuring:

  • That we have selected quality panels at the best price with longest warranty.
  • To further ensure our impartiality we also insist that an independent assessor (Alternative Technology Association) reviews our suppliers and products and assists in the final choice.
  • We only accept applications from solar suppliers and retailers who are accredited through the Clean Energy Council and who have signed the retailers code of conduct:
  • You receive:
    • An easy to understand, appropriately detailed and no obligation quote
    • Clear and unambiguous answers to your questions
    • A quote for the right size system for your needs
    • Full and explicit information on your options
    • Responsive action in the case of any disputes between yourself and the supplier
  • We monitor the financial viability of our supplier and perform credit management checks to reduce the risk to customers
  • The provision of unbiased and up to date advice for you through our solar advice webpage and by phone or email when further clarification is needed.

We value your thoughts and feedback

We need to hear from you the ways in which we can improve our service. If you are dissatisfied with your experience through us or our suppliers we want to hear from you via our contact page. From here we can assist you to resolve any issues in line with our complaints policy.

We value your privacy

We will protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe according to our privacy policy.

Important to note is the sharing of your personal information with our supplier. In providing us with your contact details and requesting a quote from our supplier is the implicit understanding that we will share your contact details with the supplier of your choice. All handling of your information will be in line with our privacy policy.

What we expect from you

We need you to continue to exercise all the caution you usually do when dealing with purchases and contracts.

We have done our utmost to choose the best suppliers and products however we encourage you to do your own due diligence , as you usually would when engaging a supplier. And of course come back to us with your questions – we love to help!

If you’ve had a good experience or a good result contact us

As a rather unique kind of organisation that has the potential to help many others like you, we like to be able to tell others about who we are and what we do. The best way for us to do that is through your good news stories – if you would be happy for us to share your experience then please do get in contact!

If you’ve had a bad experience tell us about that too

We are here to help – this is our purpose. Please let us know if we can assist you in resolving your problem with our service or the service of our suppliers. Contact us on 1300 23 68 55 or email us.