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2019-2020 Annual Report

This Annual Report mini-site is an abridged version of the complete Annual Report FY2019-20.

Download and view the complete AEF Annual Report FY2019-20.

Annual Report


“My commitment to the climate emergency is every single day.”

Alison Rowe, Australian Energy Foundation CEO
At the National Climate Emergency Summit 2020

From the Chair and CEO

A year of significant challenges and changes.

In our first year with our new name Australian Energy Foundation, we have gone through a period of immense change. In order to best serve our national scope, we have built a strong team across Victoria and New South Wales, with the aim to expand our reach and impact further across the country.

We acknowledge this has been a challenging year for our team, in a rapidly changing market significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this has provided the opportunity to re-evaluate and rebuild into something even stronger. Guided by our principles embodied by our ‘The Bright Spark’ rebranding in 2019, we look forward to championing these sentiments as an organisation in the upcoming year.

Australian Energy Foundation have designed and delivered exciting and innovative projects over the year. Our notable projects include:

  • Developing ‘proof of concept’ of the behind-the-meter solar technology with Allume, which delivered over $60,000 worth of savings over the system lifetime for apartment residents in Brunswick East.
  • Undertaking research on behalf of Jemena to better understand how best to support their registered Life Support Customers, resulting in over 400 calls made to identify their needs, priorities and preferences.
  • Completing the EnergySmart Program which resulted in upgrading 1435 homes, improving residents’ comfort and reducing the cost of living through energy efficiency.
  • The Victorian Healthy Homes Program has continued this year with great success: we increased house upgrades and installations by 52% compared to the previous year, despite three months less for delivery due to COVID-19.
  • Our Energy Advice Services in its 7th year, providing advice to 28 subscribing councils’ residents in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

We ended the financial year with a surplus of over $200,000, more than double our budget expectations. This is a fantastic result and we owe this to the collective effort of our team.

With these successes in mind, Australian Energy Foundation is looking forward to growing even more in the upcoming year, as we align our strategic plan to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will report on our results in future Annual Reports, as advised by UN Global Compact Policy.

We would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for everyone at Australian Energy Foundation (our team, our board, our members and our partners) for being supportive and hardworking allies as we work towards achieving an equitable zero carbon society in Australia.

Travis Neal, Chair

Alison Rowe, CEO

“We acknowledge this has been a challenging year for our team, in a rapidly changing market significantly disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic. However, this has provided the opportunity to re-evaluate and rebuild into something even stronger.”

At a Glance

During 2019-20, across our activities and projects, we achieved:

Our Strategic Goals

The following is an overview of our activities and projects undertaken in FY 2019-20 against our three strategic goals. In addition, we have aligned these strategic goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as outlined in our Strategic Plan.

For full details of the below, please view our complete Annual Report.

Strategic Goal 1

We create, demonstrate and share clear transition pathways to a zero carbon society.

  • Solar for Apartments on Lygon Street (view video)

  • RACV Pilot for Energy Efficiency Advice

  • Life Support Customer Research

  • Climate Reality Project Leadership Training

Strategic Goal 2

We increase energy efficiency and investment in renewable energy in Australia.

  • Energy Advice Services

  • Victorian Healthy Homes Program

  • EnergySmart Public Housing Project

Strategic Goal 3

We are a sustainable organisation.

Emissions at a Glance

Our carbon footprint has reduced by 40% from the previous year.

Total carbon footprint FY19–20:

15.61t CO2e*

Total carbon footprint FY18–19:

25.88t CO2e*


*As in previous years, AEF have offset our carbon emissions through South Pole.

Our FY19-20 emissions:
12.58t CO2e
Business Travel

This includes car hire, ride-sharing services and flights.

0.44t CO2e

We use Mindful Paper – a carbon neutral certified brand of paper.

2.59t CO2e

Emissions from off-site laptop use in NSW and VIC.

NOTE: This amount does not include electricity for our Brunswick office (15.98t CO2e) which is purchased through Powershop and hence already carbon neutral.

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